Whole Foods

Whole Foods. We Thank You.

We had a meeting with Whole Foods a few days ago. Really awesome people. Our family sat in on one of their team meetings. They have given us the ability over the last several years to cut our feed cost giving our farm animals better quality and nutritious food. THANK YOU!!!

The animals on the farm have really changed over the years by feeding them this compost. Their health has boosted greatly. The difference in their coats, fur, etc is amazing. This kind of feeding makes a big difference for us in the heat of the summer and the dead of winter. In the hot summer drought time here the grass starts to die back, dry up, and the moisture fades away. With the compost / produce from Whole Foods we are able to keep them hydrated longer due to the moisture in the food while their nutrition levels stay up. In the event of a dead winter it is pretty much hay or nothing. Just as us humans dehydration is greater in the winter than in the summer because we do not think about how we still need to consume water because we are not sweating. Again the animals stay hydrated and get more than just hay and plain old grain.

This is not a one sided coin though. We also help them stay green by cutting their cost of disposing this and all the things involved to do such an event. Energy, time, disposal, etc all come into play. I would suppose now this savings can be passed on to the consumers and employees. We also got permission to say Whole Foods gave us this opportunity. We was not sure before as we didn’t want to step on any toes. ¬†Again Thank You Whole Foods.

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