Tax Season Mileage

Tax Season Mileage

One thing many people over look or get frustrated with is Tax Season Mileage. Keeping a log of your odometer reading can be a very annoying task.  When you have a vehicle strictly for company use it is not hard to figure all the miles are business related. On the other hand lots of us have a vehicle that gets used for personal and business related matters.

Most people don’t realize that they are not tracking enough of their mileage as they should. Some people just get aggravated with it and don’t do it resulting in an even bigger headache. If you use this app your next Tax Season Mileage report will be ready to turn in effortlessly. What about your charitable, medical, tolls and parking expenses? All that can now be done stress free with this app. Remember every little bit counts.

If you do use this app religiously it can result in a $6 per month fee or a once a year fee that is cheaper of course. Knowing how much easier and convenient this has been we gladly will pay for all sort of things that help us maximize our deductions, save time and money.  Most cases you will have enough in deductions on your first trip to pay for the monthly fee while still having the entire week.

Finally enjoy emailing a pdf or hand delivering a printed copy of your mileage report to your tax man as if you was giving candy to a baby.

Don’t delay get it today. Click link below.

Mile IQ

Here is a great video below explaining a bit on such a wonderful business tool.

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