We got hungry. Who is the lucky candidate for freezer camp?

We got hungry and was running low on groceries so it was time to fill the void. We butchered a steer that we raised. He was about 14 months old. Our neighbors came over also yesterday to help. We estimate we got 300lbs of meat out of the fella. Nothing like raising your own animal and sending it to freezer camp in your own freezer. You know everything that went into the animal and you can cut it up like you want. We dont have fancy saws to make all the pretty cuts so we just send most of the meat through the grinder after boning it all out.

Now we are saving some money and when your saving money your making money. We estimate at the time of this post we will save $225+ a month at the grocery store and $40+ a month at the feed store.

Now to start raising another one for next year and hopefully be butchering some pigs soon to help fill the freezer.
























































Chicken Wagon 1 update 1

We are making progress. We have built the storage area or possum belly on the trailer to hold the water barrels. When raising livestock you have to make sure they have plenty of fresh water. With two fifty five gallon drums for a total of a 110 gallons of water the animals should have more than enough water. We still have to figure out how we will fill the barrels.

On another note we are kicking around the idea of how we can put rabbits on the trailer also.


We had some scrap goat / sheep panel wire that we are going to put in to help hold the water barrels.









You can see the water storage or possum belly sits about the height of the axle. If done again we would drop it a couple more inches.











Cattle Panel Greenhouse

The Ultimate Cattle Panel Greenhouse

Now days no matter where you live if your going to be self sufficient on your homestead your going to need a greenhouse.

We love the cattle panel greenhouse design. They are many of them out there and all of them have their own unique spin to them as ours does.

You need to do a little planning when you are going to build your greenhouse, but if you build yours like ours or some others out there planning where you are going to put it matters, but not so much when it is built on skids. So if you dont like where you put it for the current growing season you can move it to a new location for your next growing season. Kinda like a chicken tractor. Which this design can also be used as a chicken tractor or even as an animal shelter or small shed.

Having a greenhouse you can extend the growing season, start growing weeks ahead of the next growing season, and with a little blessing always be a step ahead.


First and most important is safety. I try to have safety glasses all the time. Once you have to get something removed from your eye you will not hesitate to wear safety glasses.









Here are some of the tools we used to build our greenhouse.










We built our Ultimate Cattle Panel Greenhouse on the floor of our 20 foot goose neck trailer so we would have a flat surface to work on.














We built our greenhouse 82 inches wide so it would fit inside the rails of our trailer and for when customers want one we can give them the dimensions.














Here is a great picture of our greenhouse with the skids squared, window framed, door framed, and a shelf started.









Using our saw to rip a 2×4 in half to build the window and door.














We used a 1×2 to space the boards going on our shelves.














After getting the greenhouse off the trailer we held it up with our tractor so we could spread the black plastic under it.










This is what it looks like with our greenhouse plastic on it. Try to put it on on a day with no wind and with any luck an extra couple of hands to help you.










Shelves almost finished and more important a walk way. We had these bricks laying around so we put them to use. We recommend you put something down so you dont walk on the black plastic and tear it.














Dont wanna forget that automatic window opener. Got to keep them temperatures right inside the greenhouse.














Enjoy your greenhouse and happy gardening.

Getting some freezer meat

Neighbors came over and we butchered us a hog. Estimated live weight was 400lbs. We are figuring conservatively and with that said we imagine we got 50% live weight in freezer meat which put approximately 200lbs of pork in the freezer. Considering we do not have all the best processing tools we end up boning out a lot of the meat for meat chunks and sausage (we prefer pan sausage). Also we have very few large cuts as we have to make sure everything fits in our food saver bags.



Having a tractor and pallet forks makes butchering animals so much easier.














Skinned and gutting.















Having a sawzall and turning the blade upside down makes cutting the breast and back bone easy.