First calf of 2016.

Well our newest member. Bout time. We was starting to worry a bit, but finally here he is. Hopefully the rest will all domino soon.

Well now we have to decide what to do with all the extra milk. Most of it will be fed to the pigs. They will be in hog heaven. Not to mention it will help cut feed cost.


Here he is. Probably name him hamburger or T-bone as he will more than likely end up in our freezer.









Here is mamma being returned to her calf after being milked early this morning.



Best Pork!!!

Slaughtered some of our AGHs (American Guinea Hogs) this weekend. These pigs are some of the best pork you will ever eat. It is so delicious. There really is no way to explain it till you try it yourself.  These guys come out with the family dinner size hams, shoulders, ribs, etc. for approximately a family of four.

On a side note we are registered AGH breeders and almost always have hogs for sell. Feel free to contact us.


This one never made it to the freezer. It went straight to the BBQ pit. We just could not wait to eat one and after butchering a few of these guys we are gonna have an appetite worked up like a big grizzly bear.














Gotta have your drinks in one of your favorite cups while working.








Photo bomber!!!











New Born American Guinea Hogs

These piglets are less than two hours old in this video. They are some of the most docile, disease resistant, self sufficient, loveable, climate tolerant, do well on pasture, etc. pigs you will ever find. You couldn’t ask for a better pig on your homestead. If you have a homestead and are wanting to be self sufficient these guys are for you. We almost always have pigs for sale. Feel free to contact us with questions. We are registered breeders. Located in South Texas.



Spending time with our AGH boar

Ernie is just a big baby. He is so spoiled and loves to be scratched. We enjoy spending time with our animals. They need to have a happy life and we do what we can. If you are at all interested in buying any American Guinea Hogs we are registered breeders with registered stock and almost always have some for sale.


Getting some freezer meat

Neighbors came over and we butchered us a hog. Estimated live weight was 400lbs. We are figuring conservatively and with that said we imagine we got 50% live weight in freezer meat which put approximately 200lbs of pork in the freezer. Considering we do not have all the best processing tools we end up boning out a lot of the meat for meat chunks and sausage (we prefer pan sausage). Also we have very few large cuts as we have to make sure everything fits in our food saver bags.



Having a tractor and pallet forks makes butchering animals so much easier.














Skinned and gutting.















Having a sawzall and turning the blade upside down makes cutting the breast and back bone easy.














Enjoying time with our animals.

Kids enjoying petting the rabbits and pigs. Notice they are petting a sow in one of the pictures and the boar just walked up plopped down and laid his head in her lap wanting to be petted also.

20141108_105115 20141109_122356 20141109_122407













Cleaning pig pens today and scratchin pigs.

Cleaning pig pens aint always fun, but its gotta get done, but when we take a break to scratch and love on the pigs we enjoy it as much as they do. Also when scratching the pigs and giving belly rubs it gives us a chance to look at them up close for anything out of the normal.


Cleaning the pen and the little piglets makin a mess of our raked piles.

20140824_092658 20140824_085430









They let us scratch, rub, pet, and even play with their teeth.

20140824_090433 20140824_090422













Using a leaf rake is the easiest way to give them a good scratchin.











When using the leaf rake they love it so much they go from standing to almost just falling over to get all they can.

20140824_10291820140824_102901 20140824_102909















Also we like our music when hangin out and doing chores. Sometimes you just cant get the sound to where you are at. Then we discovered the block rocker. Has battery life for up to 50 hrs, Blue Tooth, microphone, usb connection to charge your phone or mp3 player, and auxiliary input.


20140824_083500 20140824_083453














Switching pens

We took the time to move the pigs around and place the older piglets with the rest of the bunch while putting the younger ones with their mom off to a smaller pen. Now everyone is happy. Gotta love those piggies.

20140810_095744 20140810_095308 20140810_095249 20140810_094853 20140810_094847 20140810_094834 20140810_093827