Tractor Work

Known as the best farm tractor services in South Central Texas as a result helping the mom and pop small farms stay in business.


Tractor Work – We do shredding, mowing, driveways, tilling, food plots, discing, fertilizing, weed control, box blade driveways (old and new), front end loader work, etc. Odds are if it can be done with a farm tractor we can do it. There is all sorts of attachments and implements that go on tractors. Mutz Farm & Services owns a variety of this equipment as a result helping with most of your farm or business needs.

Surprisingly there is a lot that a farm tractor can do. Please Contact Us. Let us have a chance to see if the equipment on hand isĀ compatible with the task you have. At times we may be to busy or either do not have the equipment, but there is no need to fear because we do keep in contact with other contractors. As a result making it about helping you. So if we are not able to do the job we can in most cases point you in the direction of someone who can.

When people let things grow into a jungle it results in all sorts of problems such as dangerous wildlife, illegal dumping, or even homeless people taking over. MostĀ of all this costs you lots more in the long run.

Our specialty is to help people with smaller farms, properties, and businesses. We will never hesitate to consider anything big or small therefore give us a call. Your property needs will be met as you spend your time wisely, relaxing, and stress free.

Not sure we do or have what you need? Just ask!!

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There will be a $50 non refundable deposit fee. This holds your appointment slot and will be credited to the final cost.

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