Honey Bee Removal Rates

Honey Bee Removal Rates

There is a lot that varies when it comes to Honey Bee Removal Rates. Every situation is different. Sometimes it is just snatch a swarm from a branch when other times there could be demolition work with remodeling involved. Most important part is keeping you, your family, and the bees safe.

We can say that rates start at a simple $150 and go up from there. Rather we have to cut open the outside of your house referring you to a local remodel professional or just sneaking a swarm into a box you will get the best of our ability.

When it gets serious the prices can escalate in a hurry depending if the bees are in a load bearing structural part of your home. We will do our best to remove very minimal material to make it easy for a remodeling professional to quickly and easily make all the repairs. In some cases we may do the work also. Of course you have the option of making the repairs yourself or hiring who you see fit.

Our job is to remove the bees to the best of our ability with minimal damage leaving it easy for repairs to be made. With this said we still must figure in our expenses. Again most things start at $150 and go up.

We do accept Checks, Cash, Cards, and PayPal.

Before Contacting Us please review our Bee Removal FAQ page to answer most of your questions.


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