Bee Removal FAQ

Bee Removal FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set an appointment for bee removal?

What if I just have questions?

Do I even have bees?

  • Most wasps are referred to as bees also when in fact they are not. Example would be Yellow Jackets and Red wasps are not bees.

Swarm VS Established hive.

  • A swarm is a cluster of bees surrounding the queen in order to protect her. They do this because they do not have an established hive yet and are in search of a home. In most cases they are sometimes seen hanging from a tree branch in a dark colored looking ball. Do not mess with them.
  • Established hive is usually when you see a few bees going in and out of a structure such as a hollow tree, house eve, shed, etc. Once they are at this stage the hive can be quite large.
  • Sometimes you will have an established hive and a swarm. This usually happens in the summer. The bees come out and hang in a cluster near the hive to stay cool and keep the honey cool. Usually you will still notice bees near the cluster going in and out of the hive

Bees be gone.

  • Will the bees be gone? In most cases YES. It may take a few days for the final few to wonder off.

New Hive.

  • Will the bees create a new hive? It can happen, but it will not be from original bees. Odds are it is a new infestation.

Holes and Gaps.

  • If I seal all the holes in gaps in my house will the bees get in?
  • If everything is sealed NO, but odds are they will find a hole that you didn’t find.

Do they chew through wood?

  • No. They are not a boring insect, but if you manage to seal them in they will chew to get out. Also if you seal their honey in they will chew to get to it.

Do you remove wasps?

  • Some cases Yes and some No. We focus on honey bees not wasp.

Will you cut a hole in my wall?

  • All cases vary, but probably YES.

Do you do repairs?

  • We sometimes, but rarely repair the hole we cut to get to the bees.
  • When removing parts of the structure we do our best to salvage the materials in hopes it can be put back with minor damage.
  • We also have people we can recommend for the repairs to speed up the process.

Can we just kill the bees?

  • NO!!!
  • Remember there is a wax honey comb hive in the wall usually filled with honey. This needs to be removed.
  • Some of the worker bees jobs are to flap their wings cooling the honey.
  • If this melts you will have a nasty, runny, sticky mess oozing from your wall causing further damage.
  • The hive will still be present causing an attractive home for new bees.
  • The smell of the bees in the wall would be no different than if a small animal died in your wall leaving a horrible smell.
  • The bee population is already down and we thrive highly on bee pollination.

How long does it take to remove the hive

  • Usually it will be done in one day, but every case is different.
  • We try to get as much of the wax and honey out as possible right away.
  • Next we will return later that evening when all the bees are coming in to go to sleep and protect the hive so we have a greater chance of getting the majority of them and the queen.

Do you charge to remove the bees?

  • YES.
  • It takes time, money, fuel, labor, etc.

How many times do honey bee keepers and removal specialist get stung?

  • Honestly we quit counting.

Free bee removal.

  • This guy said he do it for free.
  • CALL HIM!!!
  • Our time and consultation is valuable and we care about the bees.
  • They honey could have chemicals in it after being tested so we are out more money.
  • The bees do not always take to another hive and fly away.

I want the bees and honey.

  • This is fine with us, but now our fees go up because we are out the possibility of more money.
  • If you have no experience we do not recommend you keeping them.

What is the cost of the hive and bee removal?

  • Situations always vary.
  • We can try to give you a rough quote if you are willing to send pictures.
  • Remember by time you really notice the bees the hive can be a couple years established.

What areas do you service?

  • San Antonio, Texas, Bexar county and the surrounding counties.

Do you sell Honey Bee Gear?

  • Currently at this time no, but please check back soon.

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