Honey Bee Removal

Honey Bee Removal

We do provide Honey Bee Removal Services. In the case of honey bees we do try to save the honey and the bees. It is not always possible. Rather than just go out and kill them we do our best to rehome the little guys. Honey bee removal is what we do although we will do some of the other types of bees and wasps. If you are not sure what you have contact us for assistance.

Honey bees are very important to our ecosystem. If you notice bees flying in and out of a particular place quite often there is probably a hive. By all means do not provoke them. They are loyal to their hive and will see you as an intruder. If you are allergic to bees or wasps please stay away from them and contact us for help. It is not worth it.

They are wonderful creatures, but when they get in your home it can be a nuisance and risk factor. They will end up in your walls, attic, floors, etc. Rather than blame them for trying to stay out of the weather or make that precious honey lets get them taken care of. The only thing these bees are doing is trying to survive. The honey is their food source and we eat their food source so we really need to understand that they are protecting their livelihood.

Also if you believe you see a swarm of bees hanging from a tree, the eve on your house etc contact us for help immediately because odds are these guys are searching for a new home and it maybe in yours. This is when things can get really get out of hand and prices begin to soar do to repairs from damages of removing the bees.



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