Backhoe FAQ

Backhoe FAQ

How do you book Backhoe Service?

How far in advance should you Schedule – Book Backhoe Services?

  • As soon as you know you need it done.
  • We get booked fast and are not able to fill all orders, but luckily we do work with other contractors and should hopefully be able to help you in some form or fashion.
  • The more notice you give us the more likely we are going to be able to meet your time and date you would prefer.

Do you need a permit or other authorization?

  • In most cases it is your property we are on so odds are probably not.
  • You will be required to notify whom ever and obtain all proper paper work if any is needed.
  • If anything happens it will be at the customers expense.
  • If any ground engaging or digging is needed you will be required to notify the proper organizations, authorities, etc. and obtain the proper paper work, permits, etc. if needed.

What can be done with Backhoe Service?

  • First the Backhoe is not a bulldozer and will not push down big trees or destroy massive amounts of anything.
  • If a backhoe can do it odds are we can do it and have the equipment for it.
  • We specialize in trenching / burn-trash pits / back filling and burying livestock.
  • We can load trucks, clear brush, mobile home pads, foundation footings, stump removal, etc.
  • We can also do driveways. Building new ones or maintaining old ones.

Why is there non refundable deposit fees?

  • This locks in your backhoe service needed so no one else can get that date and time.
  • This helps us better serve you by keeping away the fly by night people.

What are some additional fees?

  • Your location.
  • If you are more than 35 miles from our home office.
  • If change your mind from the original work wanted or needed.
  • Adding chores, tasks, more work, etc.
  • Additional days needed that was not originally in the original quote.
  • If we show up and nothing happens. This is a type of dry run. A dry run fee is a $100.
  • If you do not cancel in a timely manner.
  • If we have to come back.
  • One of our contractors could have different requirements than we do.

Will the backhoe cause any damage?

  • You are hiring a piece of machinery please use common sense.
  • Some units weigh up to and over 10,000lbs.
  • If it is muddy and you want the work done. There is the possibility of ruts. We are not responsible.
  • You will be responsible for all and any damages.
  •  Backhoe will need a minimum of 7 feet wide X 12 feet high X 24 feet long area for maneuvering. Again this all depends on unit being used for the work, working conditions, etc. and at the operators discretion if it can be done.


  • You are required to give us 24 hour notice before agreed time and date of delievery.
  • If you cancel in less than 24 hours there will be a $50 charge.
  • If cancel upon arrival or when unit is in travel to your destination a dry run fee will be charged also.


  • Just contact us with your old and new schedule information.
  • Remember to reschedule in a timely manner to avoid additional fees.



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