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Orange Blossom Backhoe Service

If a backhoe can do it then we can get it done. With our medium duty backhoe service we offer several options. Rather assisting in dirt work, demolition, brush clearing, stock pond / tank work, clearing creeks, etc we can help. Just call on The Orange Blossom Backhoe Service.

Our service offers us the ability to do almost anything. ¬†Need to remove those stubborn tree stumps or get those trenches dug for water or electrical lines? With us having a medium duty sized unit your options grow. Those small units just don’t have what it takes to get it done. They are slower and you pay more for nothing. The big boys just make a mess. They destroy everything in their path. This includes what you don’t want them to. Our unit can get it done in a timely manner while minimizing the foot print left behind. While we have the power and reach our machine still fits in tight spots.

There is not many people willing to come out and take the time to spend with the customer to get the one on one consultation to do what it takes to get the job done. Our backhoe service is affordable on almost any budget. Call upon The Orange Blossom Backhoe Service to get the bang for the buck.  Furthermore we will work with you from start to finish. This makes sure everything is done accordingly to our knowledge and your best interest.

Rather you need us to load trucks, spread material, or dig holes our backhoe service is here to help. We can do ranch work, farm work, construction or just odd jobs.

Dont forget to ask about The Orange Blossom Backhoe Special !!!

Not sure we do or have what you need? Just ask!!

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