Cleaning pig pens today and scratchin pigs.

Cleaning pig pens aint always fun, but its gotta get done, but when we take a break to scratch and love on the pigs we enjoy it as much as they do. Also when scratching the pigs and giving belly rubs it gives us a chance to look at them up close for anything out […]

Cow trough

Checking on the water in the cow trough and the little creatures we have living in it. We have some gold fish for color, trap door snails for algae, and gamboozie fish to eat the mosquito larvae. Gold fish sure add wonderful color and make filling the trough more enjoyable. This way it doesnt fill […]

Turning the compost

Turning the compost we think is important, but what maybe real important is how often. Some people turn theirs once a week and some dont turn theirs at all. We think at least once every two months. Sometimes we do it as often as every two weeks. As long as you monitor your compost you […]

That time of year again.

Stocking up on hay again. Got a good start and a great deal. Hopefully we get some more rain and some more good hay. With our droughts here in South Texas hay is very important to have for the livestock. We have been fortunate enough to get some good rain so far this year, but […]

Square watermelon

We would say it is about 90% successful. We tried our hand at growing a square watermelon and this is what we ended up with. All you need to do is put the watermelon in something and it will grow to that shape. In this case we used a cinder block or brick to grow […]

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