We got hungry. Who is the lucky candidate for freezer camp?

We got hungry and was running low on groceries so it was time to fill the void. We butchered a steer that we raised. He was about 14 months old. Our neighbors came over also yesterday to help. We estimate we got 300lbs of meat out of the fella. Nothing like raising your own animal […]

New additions to our farm.

These wonderful little bull calves will be castrated and sent to freezer camp, market or to and individual wanting to finish them out for themselves. Always fun hard work raising your own food. ¬†Remember raising your own food is awesome. It lets your kids know where your food comes from and you know what is […]

Chicken Wagon 1 update 1

We are making progress. We have built the storage area or possum belly on the trailer to hold the water barrels. When raising livestock you have to make sure they have plenty of fresh water. With two fifty five gallon drums for a total of a 110 gallons of water the animals should have more […]

Chicken Wagon / Egg Mobile

Everyone calls theirs an egg mobile. We like calling ours a Chicken Wagon!!! Why would you want to build such a contraption. There is so many benefits to having one of these. We have two big goals to accomplish by doing this and a few smaller ones. First and by far the most important is […]

New Born American Guinea Hogs

These piglets are less than two hours old in this video. They are some of the most docile, disease resistant, self sufficient, loveable, climate tolerant, do well on pasture, etc. pigs you will ever find. You couldn’t ask for a better pig on your homestead. If you have a homestead and are wanting to be […]

Do your chickens love you?

Do your chickens love you? Do they show it? Well even though its not valentines day look at this egg. It was layed by one of our hens. It is so AWESOME!!! Sure is nice to know they think we are doing a good job.   Heart shape on egg.           […]

Homemade Tractor Canopy

Homemade Tractor Canopy Couldn’t see paying for one of those high dollar tractor canopy when we can just build one ourselves. O yea and the wife wanted something to hold her cell phone while on the tractor.We also installed brackets for future lights on each corner of the homemade tractor canopy. We figure it cost […]

Watching the cows come home.

Here comes most of the herd. Some slow pokes didnt make the video. We enjoy watching the cows as much as the rest of the animals we have here on the farm. Our herd is grass fed and gets left over produce just like the rest of the animals. ¬†We try to make sure all […]

Green Bean Trellis

First you must decide Bush or Pole beans. Bush beans are easy, but you must be down low bent over or seated to pick your beans. Bush beans require more land as they only grow a foot or two tall. Not such a good thing for a small homesteader where space is an issue. Pole […]

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