Safety Glasses and Mask

Safety Glasses and Mask Just curious to see if anyone wears any safety gear when on their tractor. We shred/mow/cut a few fields a year for our customers. I have extreme allergies, but I still have to pay the bills. I was cutting at a buddies house one day and the tractor was yellow by […]

How Much UTV do you need?

How Much UTV do you need? We tried to decide for a long time on our small farm what would we get? We had a four wheeler atv. The carb would gum up every time we turned around and that was so annoying. One day a guy said I’ll trade you my golf cart with […]

Organic Livestock? Is there a such thing?

Organic Livestock Wanted to share a video feeding our livestock produce. We give this to cows, chickens, pigs, etc. This is almost 100% all natural organic. Does this mean we have almost all natural organic livestock? I’m not sure if we do or not, but we are probably as close as possible. We have an […]

Maintaining Gravel Driveways

Let The Driveway Maintenance Begin   There are many things to consider when it comes to a driveway. Of course the least amount of maintenance is going to be the most expensive such as asphalt and then there is the least expensive which is gravel. Gravel driveways is what most of us end up with […]

Tax Season Mileage

Tax Season Mileage One thing many people over look or get frustrated with is Tax Season Mileage. Keeping a log of your odometer reading can be a very annoying task.  When you have a vehicle strictly for company use it is not hard to figure all the miles are business related. On the other hand […]

SA Parade 2017

San Antonio Parade. San Antonio Western Heritage and Cattle Drive. Every year before the rodeo in San Antonio, Texas there is a parade. Lots of wagons, horses, and a real life cattle drive. We decided to get our chores done a bit early. Then took the family once again on a little Texas Adventure. The […]

Shredding San Antonio

Shredding San Antonio, TEXAS and surrounding areas. We maybe getting the wagon in front of the horse, but we have customers calling already. They are wanting their fields cut and maintained. Shredding San Antonio and surrounding areas is upon us folks. We get booked fast. ESPECIALLY WEEKENDS !!! Please be flexible and try to schedule our […]

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