Meet Franklin Sitting Crow for DIY and History

Homemade Scarecrow. Meet Franklin Sitting Crow for DIY and History We figured we needed something to kind of make people go away like the alarm system on our hour house. We would rather use this route first thanĀ  brute force. As a result we have already notice Franklin working well. In fact the first day […]

Tire Sealant

Tire Sealant It is that simple Tire Sealant. I am always amazed by tire sealants. Due to the new addition to the farm we wanted more work time and less down time due to flats. Rather than flats the hunt was on for a new tire sealant. The environment we work in has LOTS of […]

No Hunting Purple

No Hunting Purple You will wear Orange if you ignore the PURPLE !!! Do you know why in Texas and some other states you see the color No Hunting Purple in odd locations? You may see it on gates, fence post, trees, etc. It is real simple it means NO TRESPASSING !!! I’m going to […]

Historic Land Preservation

Historic Land Preservation Our first touch of a little Historic Land Preservation on a job site a few days ago. The client was really an awesome character. I wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted. When we met and swapped a couple of stories along with his instructions of what he wanted we came to the […]

Tractor Grapple

Tractor Grapple Decisions on a tractor grapple. Do I need a grapple? Which one should I get? Bucket, Root, Rake, Rock etc. So many to choose from. Why I need a grapple. Tractor grapples or skid steer grapples are just different animals compared to the typical front end loader bucket that you have on your […]

3rd Function Hack

3rd Function Hack As much as we would love to have a 3rd function valve on our tractor we do not. Rather then spending the money we figure we could just add lines from the front to the rear remotes. Now we have a 3rd function hack. Now we can use grapples and other equipment […]

Do I need a hay ring?

Do I Need A Hay Ring? Do I need a hay ring? YES!!! Everyone has done the research that shows you will lose as much as 55% of the round bale with out doing any type of containment on it. I watched and / or read about one that lost as little as 5% +/- […]

PTO Power Take Off

PTO Power Take Off PTO or Power Take Off on your tractor makes it a wonderful machine. This gives you the option of running different implements to do various task. The most common is the rotary cutter. You will need to engage the pto some how. This usually requires pushing the clutch of the tractor […]

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