Music on the farm.

We love our farm, animals, etc., but we also love our music. We gotta say the Block Rocker is really awesome way to get music into off farm or away from the house locations. This thing always makes the chores go faster. We think the animals love it also. Even when having a party or get together this thing is just awesome.


No matter if its a droid phone, iphone, ipad, tablet, etc. with the Blue Tooth capability you can connect anything and if that doesnt go your way you have the auxiliary jack where you can just plug in your mp3 player. If you wanna get real creative it even has a microphone for karaoke or whatever.


Yes, it gets better. It has a 50 hour battery life and a USB jack to charge your phone or tablet. Now your music can go anywhere you go and even your daily chores will be so much more fun. Even our kids use it.

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