Cow trough

Checking on the water in the cow trough and the little creatures we have living in it.

We have some gold fish for color, trap door snails for algae, and gamboozie fish to eat the mosquito larvae.

  • Gold fish sure add wonderful color and make filling the trough more enjoyable. This way it doesnt fill so time consuming during the summer.
  • Trap door snails seem to put a good handle so far on controling the algae. In just a couple weeks time we have noticed that our 8 adult snails seem to have made a dozen baby snails also.
  • Gamboozie fish are giving the mosquito larva a run for their money. They multiply fast so if you have other troughs or stock ponds these guys would be a great asset.


Maybe in the future we can turn the cow trough into a water garden feature. That would be neat.

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