Cleaning pig pens today and scratchin pigs.

Cleaning pig pens aint always fun, but its gotta get done, but when we take a break to scratch and love on the pigs we enjoy it as much as they do. Also when scratching the pigs and giving belly rubs it gives us a chance to look at them up close for anything out of the normal.


Cleaning the pen and the little piglets makin a mess of our raked piles.

20140824_092658 20140824_085430









They let us scratch, rub, pet, and even play with their teeth.

20140824_090433 20140824_090422













Using a leaf rake is the easiest way to give them a good scratchin.











When using the leaf rake they love it so much they go from standing to almost just falling over to get all they can.

20140824_10291820140824_102901 20140824_102909















Also we like our music when hangin out and doing chores. Sometimes you just cant get the sound to where you are at. Then we discovered the block rocker. Has battery life for up to 50 hrs, Blue Tooth, microphone, usb connection to charge your phone or mp3 player, and auxiliary input.


20140824_083500 20140824_083453














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