Chicken Wagon / Egg Mobile

Everyone calls theirs an egg mobile. We like calling ours a Chicken Wagon!!!

Why would you want to build such a contraption. There is so many benefits to having one of these. We have two big goals to accomplish by doing this and a few smaller ones. First and by far the most important is EGGS. Second is fertilization. Then a bunch of other little goals we will get to in a bit.

EGGS. Everyone loves farm fresh eggs and the nutrition value is awesome. Eggs are like potatoes or hamburger meat. You can make so many different things out of them to eat. When chickens get free range, organic feed, grass, bugs, etc. they are some of the happiest and enjoyable animals to watch. When they are happy you will be happy with your egg production. Also this is what most beginning homesteaders want is chickens and eggs.

Fertilization. We live in the sand and we can never get enough fertilizer in it. Every time it rains any fertilizer will wash away. Manure seems to hold up better for us. By adding the chicken manure we will build our soil value. When the soil value comes up we will grow better grass for our cows to graze on. This will make us into grass farmers in a sense and that is an awesome step forward.

Weeds, pest control, entertainment, etc. Having chickens supply us with eggs and fertilizer is great, but what else can they do. They will eat some of the weeds and grasses the other animals dont eat, they eat bugs that other animals, they will give you some of the est entertainment you can get and so much more.

So with all these things stated here its time for a chicken wagon.









Stay tuned as we build our CHICKEN WAGON!!!

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