No Hunting Purple

No Hunting Purple You will wear Orange if you ignore the PURPLE !!! Do you know why in Texas and some other states you see the color No Hunting Purple in odd locations? You may see it on gates, fence post, trees, etc. It is real simple it means NO TRESPASSING !!! I’m going to […]

Best Pork!!!

Slaughtered some of our AGHs (American Guinea Hogs) this weekend. These pigs are some of the best pork you will ever eat. It is so delicious. There really is no way to explain it till you try it yourself. ┬áThese guys come out with the family dinner size hams, shoulders, ribs, etc. for approximately a […]

Chicken Wagon 1 update 1

We are making progress. We have built the storage area or possum belly on the trailer to hold the water barrels. When raising livestock you have to make sure they have plenty of fresh water. With two fifty five gallon drums for a total of a 110 gallons of water the animals should have more […]


We got some seeds started. Having our greenhouse sure makes it all worth while. We can start our growing seeds weeks ahead of schedule. You can also plant more seeds so that you have plants to sell. We can get over 1,000 seeds started in this greenhouse. Which means there is plenty of room and […]

Cattle Panel Greenhouse

The Ultimate Cattle Panel Greenhouse Now days no matter where you live if your going to be self sufficient on your homestead your going to need a greenhouse. We love the cattle panel greenhouse design. They are many of them out there and all of them have their own unique spin to them as ours […]

Nurse Cow and steers

Having an ex-dairy cow turning it to a nurse cow is a great way to earn a little extra cash and put a little meat in your freezer or a customers freezer. We have given this ex-dairy cow the best retirement we could and in return she helps us raise some steer calves for the […]

Getting some freezer meat

Neighbors came over and we butchered us a hog. Estimated live weight was 400lbs. We are figuring conservatively and with that said we imagine we got 50% live weight in freezer meat which put approximately 200lbs of pork in the freezer. Considering we do not have all the best processing tools we end up boning […]

Temporary milking stall.

Now with our new to us retired dairy cow we need a milking stall. Well with the purchase of the dairy cow kind of being a impulse buy we didnt have any sort of milking stall. So until we can build a decent one we need something we can use. We took some wooden pallets […]

New temporary additions to our farm.

Well here is a couple pictures of our new temporary additions to our farm. We say temporary because we will butcher them. Their names are Barbacoa and Brisket. We picked up a couple of bull calves from a local dairy today. This should be some good eating when we finish raisin them. Lets see how […]