Tire Sealant

Tire Sealant

It is that simple Tire Sealant. I am always amazed by tire sealants. Due to the new addition to the farm we wanted more work time and less down time due to flats. Rather than flats the hunt was on for a new tire sealant.

The environment we work in has LOTS of thorns and occasionally nails and other sharp objects. Our last unit probably had more wood than rubber in the front tires.

The green slime stuff is OK. For sure works if you have no other choice. The blue industrial stuff does a little better job. Also does slightly bigger holes. Never had any experience with the others. I know the green and the blue do break down over time and you have to replace it. That just a waste of money. I was told to replace the green stuff yearly.

Both the blue and the green will rust the rim from the inside out. When you buy a machine like in our situation you are thinking long term. Possible life time with this being the last unit you will ever buy. With that said you dont want the rims rusting out. I think the green does up to a nail size hole. If I remember right the blue will seal a slightly bigger hole and with luck up to a quarter inch size hole.

Now we found the miracle tire sealant called Liquitube. This stuff is awesome. Of course you pay for what you get and it is 3 times the cost of the green or the blue. After research we gladly paid. It doesn’t break down. It doesn’t rust out the rim. Amazingly it seals up to three quarter inch holes in industrial tires. This will go in all of our off road tires and trailers.

In conclusion this has to be the best tire sealant on the market. PERIOD !!!

The best tire sealant on the market


No Hunting Purple

No Hunting Purple

You will wear Orange if you ignore the PURPLE !!! Do you know why in Texas and some other states you see the color No Hunting Purple in odd locations? You may see it on gates, fence post, trees, etc. It is real simple it means NO TRESPASSING !!!

I’m going to start off very simple and say if you see the color No Hunting Purple painted on fence posts, trees, etc turn back while you can. It holds the same weight and the same laws apply as a posted sign reading no trespassing. The state of Texas adopted this law in 1997 after Arkansas started it in 1989.

This helps land owners from replacing the signs that people keep using for target practice or high winds blow away. This also helps notify the public of private land.

One of the big problems is educating the public on this subject. They need to understand the color purple is more than just a movie when it is found on trees or fences. If you are going to use the No Hunting Purple on your property you need to make sure to do it right. It is required that you make it at least 8 inches long by 1 inch wide and placed between 3 and 5 feet off the ground. It also needs to be visible. The purple markings should be 100 feet apart on forest land and at least every 1,000 feet on other lands.

The idea of purple may not be very manly as it is smart. The reason they decided on the color purple is because most color blind people can see the color purple. There are several states that use paint as no trespass markings, but not all are the color purple.

In conclusion it is real simple. I will be buying me some No Hunting Purple paint in a rattle can. I will mark the boundaries of my property and other areas just to be sure it is noticed. Remember it is the same as a No Trespassing sign and holds the same weight and laws as the sign does.

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