Mineral Feeder

Mineral Feeder

When having livestock there can be hard times our poor pastures. These times can be eased with a mineral feeder. Rather it is for cattle, sheep, goats, deer, or other wildlife this homemade mineral feeder is an easy do it yourself project.

The unit we built held an easy 50 pounds of mineral. We used an old 22″ semi truck tire, old lumber, and an old 30 gallon barrel. This supplement feeder would actually work better with a 24″ tractor truck trailer tire and a 55 gal plastic drum, but we used what we had. Function over looks always wins on the homestead.

Most people recommend putting the mineral feeder in the poorest part of your property. When there isn’t much grazing the animals still get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition they need. To a extent of course. We usually put all of our stuff close together and where it is easy for us to notice if the animals are using it or not. This helps us gauge what is going on out in the grazing paddocks.

Sometimes you may need more than one mineral feeder per pasture. It all depends on how many animals and how many are dominant. When the alpha(s) show up the other animals dont get to eat. This is due to the more dominant animals pushing the other out of the way. This could also cause over consumption of the weaker livestock or wildlife. The weaker could be so poor that when they finally get a turn the over consume costing you more money. Depending on conditions you may be at a ratio of 20-30 head per mineral feeder. This will be a trial and error study you will have to do in order to determine what exactly fits your situation.

Below is a video of our build along with a couple in use pictures below.